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 Ivie Rowan (Edited)

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PostSubject: Ivie Rowan (Edited)   Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:08 pm

Name: Ivie Elizabeth Rowan
Endowed: Yes
Apearance: Avatar
Personality: Is sweet unless angry (then get away!) and has a sarcastic attitude sometimes, yet if she feels like it she can be percieved as an angel.
History: Was born in USA, and recently moved to England for her "parents' " music career.
Power: Witch
Other:Mrs. Tilpin's daughter, Ivie does not know this at first, after she turnes bad she like, likes Manfred (like love likes Manfred.)
Department:Music (Bass, Guitar, E-Guitar... really anything with strings. Sings but not when people can hear.)
Side: Good then Bad
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Ivie Rowan (Edited)
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