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 Alyson Devi

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Alyson Devi

Alyson Devi

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PostSubject: Alyson Devi   Alyson Devi Icon_minitimeSun Sep 04, 2011 1:00 pm

Name: Alyson Devi
Personality: Sweet, easy to confuse, lonely, way too smart for a 4 year old.
History: Radha is an orphan, she lves in the woods and the animals take care of her.
Power: Radha is cnnected to animals, she can talk to them, and become them (althogh her powr hasn't fully developed so when she normaly only becomes part animal, her usual is part fox... she loves foxes)
Other: (I read the RP before signing up) Manfred finds her in the woods and she shows him her cave ad in exchange he lets her go to Bloors.
Department: Drama (she makes good animals)
Side: Unknown as of yet... she just helps whoever whenever... doesn't really care.
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PostSubject: Re: Alyson Devi   Alyson Devi Icon_minitimeSun Sep 04, 2011 1:08 pm

Accepted (as long as you are at least 8 in actualiy), the last person who registered hadn't thought of a clever way to work her character in. I like it alot Smile
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Alyson Devi
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